Corporate Films:

What Is?

Corporate Films are of many different types intended to serve different purpose for the organization. A well-thought and well-crafted corporate film inspires & persuades the viewer to believe your ideas and company objectives in an attentive manner. A good ideation holds immediate attention from beginning to its end, without the fear of losing out to any important information you wanted to communicate to your target group.

Corporate Film / Corporate Video /Corporate AV

Conference & Events Coverage Film

Skills Enhancement Training Film

Film on Company’s History / Background / Milestones

Trade Show Exposition Film

Market Listing and IPO Film

Promotional Film

Induction Program Film

Motivational Film

Felicitation Film

Corporate Identity Film

Product Information Film

Product Launch Film

Technical Support and Self-Help Film

Company Policy Film

Educational Film

Corporate Annual Progress Film

Brand Building Film

Product /Services Demonstration Film

Internal Communication Corporate Films:

Why Should?

A corporate film holds immense potential to deliver a simple message in a dynamic manner thus proving far more successful that other mediums of communication. Moreover, it adds to the credibility, believability and authenticity of your company to the viewers. A strong script, expert video shooters, editors and animators coupled with winning content can make a film memorable, thus serving its major objective. It also makes the message simple and easier in every manner since for everything being said, you have a visual following your words.

How Should?

To just have a good effectual corporate video for your company is not enough. One should choose the channels wisely and smartly churning out maximum possible results from your video. If it’s a corporate film based wholly on your organisation, it should be used in corporate meetings, conferences, events, annual gatherings; thus boosting your company image. If it’s a product promotion and you want it to reach a larger audience, then internet is the best medium that could give you the desired results. For marketing of products/services, include your video DVD in the sales kit for distribution to your channels/partners, etc. Apart from this, if you want to leave an impression to your novice trainees and/or over your employees, there is nothing more fruitful than going for an intranet based communication instead of internet.

The idea is to draw out the maximum out of your efforts and from your film to garner greater results.

How Much?

The costing for visible reasons is based on the kind of film you intend to make, though the channel of distribution poses no major cost fears to the company. Like any other mode of communication, greater the quality of the film more is the ROI over it. What goes into making of the film as input should come out doubled as output. This is confirmed and established by our team by using best quality instruments and personnel based on which the budget is decided. Costs are generally worked upon the following factors:

• Shooting format DV, HDV, Digibeta, HD
• Full HD – Best quality among all.
• Travel – if required.
• Number of shooting days required.
• Animation/Effects – 2d/3d.
• Voiceover
• Music (Composed or Bought)
• Actors / Anchors
• Locations: Studio or Outdoors
• Misc: Make-Up artist, Costume Designer, Lights, special equipment like cranes, Jimmy-jib, tele-lenses, etc.
• Special Footage (to be bought)


A well-devised process often decides the success of any corporate film. No matter how short or long the film is going to be, no film gives you the liberty to get away with the need of adopting a structured process. This is why our team confirms and assures a method that’s followed dutifully and as a team to gratify you completely with your film requirements. The process involves teams with varied expertise delivering their inputs as the film progresses and reviewing each stage for perfection. The following are the must-to-follow steps adopted by us:

This stage requires a lot of detailing and demands efforts in terms of visually crafting the scenes that match just accurately with the developed idea and the written script. The location and the set are decided accordingly after proper research then the characters are instructed to give their best shot with complete support from the our crew members. The instruments used vary depending upon the requirements except for the quality, the key to an excellent film. The most commonly used instruments/equipments are – camera, tripod, audio recording setup, lights, cranes, tracks, etc.

Post-Production stage plays a very important role in any kind of film-making as this phase decides the final outcome which varies significantly from what have been created in raw form during the Production stage. The film at this point of film-making is assembled which further undergoes various processes like:

• Editing the Footage
• Recording and editing the soundtrack / music
• Adding Visual Special Effects
• Adding Graphics and Animation
• Producing a master copy of the film.
• Delivering

In the final stage of delivering, the film is converted into a format as demanded by the client and if required, the multiple copies of the film are prepared. We also fulfil the requirements like preparing the film in various other languages, thus meeting the multilingual demand of the company.