Documentary Films:

Our team engages itself in coming up with documentaries that touch various existing social issues in a positive light grabbing the attention of the viewers. Characterizing the subject with utmost perfection, every aspect of the issue is studied and researched by our team before drafting a documentary. Excelling in technology & leveraging on our expert team, Cine Zeus Kef pulls out the maximum bringing transparency and legibility regarding the subject. From social, environmental, cultural to educational issues, we give equal emphasis to all topics of concern prevalent in the society.

Types of documentaries:

CSR Films

Corporate Social Responsibility Films are intended at enhancing the image of corporate through socials initiatives that tend to transform lives of many in various manners.We makes sure that CSR Films are engaging and encouraging to the viewers and at the same time gives the organization a face lift in its fraternity and amongst its associates for extending its business limits beyond profits and benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility is also known as Corporate Citizenship, Business Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.Though, the terms are distinct and argumentative, they all point towards the same fundamental principle of a company being responsible for providing more benefits than just profits for shareholders.CSR Films thus stands for portraying the initiatives taken by corporate in various fields of social concern, to enhance their brand image.CSR Films play as a major medium of spreading the word to the associates, amongst employees and other fraternity establishing a sense of pride in their minds for being associated with the organization.

We believe that there are many issues around that can make good stories of inspiration, information and empowerment, thereby inducing social change in our eco-system.Companies thus has various roles to play in treating its employees well, preserving the environment, developing sound corporate governance, supporting philanthropy, fostering human rights, respecting cultural differences and helping to promote fair trade, among others. These roles played by the biggies or even small budding organizations can be well captured as an effective documentary thus reflecting an image of the firm that works towards maintaining a positive impact on the communities, cultures, societies and environment in which the firm operates.

It’s important to understand how to use a CSR film for a facelift apart from solving the puzzle – why CSR films should be considered as a communication option? Cause-related branding is the need of the hour for promoting or marketing corporate firms. In today’s highly competitive and paced business scenario, one should look at more subtle and effective ways that are less intrusive to increase the sales and attain sustainability. CSR Films are one such medium that goes beyond the walls of the office and takes into consideration a whole society, thus proving to be a new strategy for the brand managers to develop a consistent brand image. We utilize its treasure of niche film-makers with the right sensibilities regarding the corporate world to craft a CSR documentary which helps your money go beyond advertising and instead assist in brand building to support social entrepreneurship.


In Social films, We attempt to guide the society towards an ideal future through its filming that speaks for itself with its good content and direction. After attaining in-depth understanding of the social concern, We figure out the exact requirement of the topic and starts working on it with full passion.


The most talked about environmental issues are first researched for facts and figures to give out a clear picture connecting instantly with the viewers. Characterization with maximum impact is aimed at to enhance the essence of the issue with no undue exaggeration. Conveying environmental hazards, our environmental films hold the power to bring a shift even if it’s to a fraction of the society.


Opposed to the general practice of commercial and documentary filmmaking, Experimental films are often characterized by the absence of linear narrative, the use of various abstracting techniques (out of focus, painting or scratching on film, rapid editing), the use of asynchronous (non-diegetic) sound or even the absence of any sound track. Our Team adeptly fulfills the purpose by placing the viewer in a more active and more thoughtful relationship to the film.


Recreating past events, historical films often take an imaginative or historical event, mythic, legendary, or heroic figure to sketch a script that’s engaging and narrative to the audience. We explore the possibilities of the topic and accordingly refurbishes it with a perfect setting accompanied by its technical brilliance giving an edge to the content.


Cultural films focuses on the way of living employed by a group of people which includes showing what they do, how they live, the tradition followed, etc in an aesthetic manner. Being a sensitive and relevant topic, cultural films needs deep understanding of the subject before picking the camera.


Keeping in mind the fast paced life and the short attention span of your viewers, a promotional film plays the best role in bringing upfront your services, products or any event to the desired target audience in a fascinating way. Our Team works out all the aspects related to a promotional film with efficacy grabbing the attention and conveying your message using right mix of sight, sound and interactivity. Use of right combination of images and sounds pays off as a winning solution for increased sales.


An advocacy film is logically an act of pleading or arguing in favor of something which can be a cause, idea, or policy and even an active support. Our Teamf unveils the spirit of the chosen topic of advocacy by providing information, raising awareness and invoking an emotional reaction to the film. It also refers to building an understanding for a specific cause, a program, some social situation or how an organization is working in a field and its successes and challenges.


A biographical film also referred to as biopic dramatizes the life of an actual person or people by narrating the person’s life story or at least the most historically important years of their lives. Our team delves into all major actions, events and characteristics known about the person to make a film that adds to the persona of the character in concern.


Structured differently from formal autobiographies, the chronological scope of a memoir is determined by the work’s context which is studied in depth by our team to film a more focused and flexible draft as compared to stringent autobiographies. Shorter in nature, a memoir should be able to catch immediate attention by capturing certain highlights or meaningful moments of one’s past.


Nature films brigs to the viewers those parts of the existing natural world which perhaps you could not witness in real. Exploring deep into the flora or fauna, nature films are shot with an aesthetic sense coupled with technical know-how to give a breathtaking view of the subject of the film. Surveying the possibilities of showcasing the unseen, Our team brings the best of Mother Nature through its films.

Natural History

Natural History films require advanced level knowledge of the biological principles, underlying biodiversity, and its conservation and management.Our Team thus engages its team to develop a good know-how of the field before commencing the filmmaking process to develop a film that’s well-refined and well-received.


Scientific films are meant to communicate scientific findings, natural history information, or conservation messages by creating compelling, professional-quality videos. From story formation, planning, writing, camera techniques, voiceover to every other aspect, scientific films demand a strong hold to deliver the topic in an interesting manner to the viewers.


The primary purpose of an educational film is to educate. They are also at times used as an alternative to other teaching methods in classrooms. This genre of filmmaking is common and generally used to encourage, enthuse and motivate the viewers to get educated regarding a definite subject that requires attention. True to the purpose, our team creates films that emphasizes on inducing excitement towards the topic to churn out desired reaction/action from the target audience.