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What is Image Management:

Image Management is the ongoing, pro-active process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on you, on others, and the achievement of your goals. It is a science and an art that provides a framework, addressing all the elements – clothing, grooming practices, body language and etiquette and vocal communication – that help create the right image for each role that a person undertakes at different occasions.
Given that each person is unique, image management takes into account the person’s personal style, enhances strengths and downplays weaknesses while making optimal use of resources.

Who needs Image Consulting:

Everyone needs Image Consulting and most seek counsel in different forms. Some seek your advice on an individual basis, others make a group or corporate approach.

What is Image Consulting:

While most people want to project the right image, they are unable to do so effectively. It takes in-depth knowledge of the art and science of Image Management and applying it to the different roles people perform at different stages of their career, times of the day and different occasions to project the right image that influences others.

Our program understand you and your requirement individually as each person is different from other,hence the module and the approach has to be applicant specific !