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    Senseless Comedy 
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    Self Awareness And Freedom 
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    Personalized Acting Workshop 
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    IIT Guwahati 

Lee strasberg Acting Approach Training :

The Lee Strasberg Technique is a practical approach to accessing creative potential through relaxation and sensory exercises.The core of these classes is working through relaxation, sensory exploration and emotional truth from the principals of the Lee Strasberg Technique.

These classes are vibrant and creative platforms from which to explore your rich inner life and utilise personal experience in the production of art. Classes provide skills for the actor to achieve self-guided preparation, allowing for surprising and effective choices in characterisation. It draws upon emotional authenticity through sense memory, which offers a platform for the actor to connect with their character through shared emotional and sensory experience.

The course is divided  into BASIC and ADVANCE  levels . This course offers  amazing technique for actors to apply and explore themselves .