World Wide Acting Training Modules

Personalized Acting Workshop  :

In personalized training  the entire focus is on one particular individual  and the workshop is designed specifically dealing with His/Her problems rather than the entire group and hence the growth and the understanding of  the actor is immense in a short duration of time

It is a special designed workshop directed to the needs of a particular individual .It is a rigorous training which introduces you to the world of acting and process behind becoming an actor.

The results and the experience out of  the entire process is life changing !


Advance Personalized Workshop :

We have Advance Acting Techniques Workshop after the ACTOR has grown and  learned his craft from the basics.The Acting workshop is aimed at people who have gone through PERSONALIZED ACTING TRAINING  and want to go deep in this art and learn the advance tools and techniques of acting .

Attending this workshop will give the incite as well as equip them with advance tools and techniques in the art of acting.