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Radio Jockey/Anchoring:

A radio jockey (or RJ) is a person who hosts a radio talk show where the RJ selects the music to be played, or topic of discussion, by interacting with the audience; the interaction is often via telephone, but may also be online, or via email.


Our Radio Jockey/Anchoring Program Offers :

Learning To Talk And Use Of Voice

Use Of Images Through Voice And Dealing With Scripts

Improvisational Techniques

Discovering Your Own Style And Voice

Relaxation Techniques

Creating Content, On Spot Improvisation And Diction

Advanced Acting Techniques Useful For RJ/Anchors

How To Set Yourself Free And Perform And Getting Rid Of Inhibition

Voice Culture And Modulation

Developing Imagination And Creativity ,Techniques To Entertain And Present Yourself


This Is A Specially Designed Course For Rjs , Anchors And Anyone Who Have Similar Job Structure