This Workshop Brings Actors In a state of playfulness.Our work brings people to experience a child-like, naïve and fragile state,

to experience undiscovered areas of one self through intensity and amplification.Listening and being receptive is central to this approach – which means one needs to stay close to one’s physical body,to one’s feelings and senses.

What is essential in Acting is to remain receptive to what our senses, posture, gestures, actions voice and emotions tell us

This Workshop consists of improvisation ,Drama games, mask work, psychodrama or drama-therapy which are various forms of theatrical expression.

Its a wonderful area for an actor to work on and discover all the possibilities which he might be unaware of as an actor .


Day 1:Actor As Neutral Machine

Day 2:Improviations And Drama-Therapy

Day 3:Play Back theatre

Day 4:Clowining And Finding Your Clown

Day 5:Senseless Comedy

Day 6:Mask Work And How To Take Off Your Mask As Individual

Day 7:Psycological Gestures And Power Centre

Day 8:Finding The Real You Using Drama

Day 9:How To Prepare And Perform As Actors

Day 10:Performance Using All The Above


This Workshop Will Be Taken By Actor Gaurav Nanda ( With more than 10 years of experience in different forms of theatre , this workshop is devised specially by Gaurav Nanda To equip actors with latest theatre techniques and international acting methods !

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